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About Furnished

Furnished, also known as AMC Lighting Direct Ltd, started from humble beginnings, as a small family run business selling homeware and soft furnishings in a market stall in central Scotland. From one market stalls to many, the company started to replicate success - expanding its market stalls throughout the UK. In 2003, Furnished established an online presence as well as adding a High street retail shop to solidify the brand.

"Quality customised products at the lowest possible prices delivered free of charge within days."

Fourteen (14) years later, Furnished has grown to become a recognised brand and chain store in the UK home furnishings market. The company is now also an established and top rated seller on both eBay & Amazon. It also has a small chain of retail shops throughout central Scotland, selling the same high quality products that you see online. The company serves customers throughout the UK and Europe for both online and in store. All this, while maintaining a consistent, high value, and high quality service to all its customers, with a personal touch.

"High quality products for less"

To all of you, from all of us at Furnished - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Chris Mcculloch
Managing Director

  • Ebay Buyer

    Excellent, thank you beautiful , super fast delivery. Quality Blackout Roller Blinds Thermal Fabric Metal Tube - FREE Cut Down Service.

  • Ebay Buyer

    Nice item, quick service. Plain Roller Blind w/ Diamond Triple Eyelets - FREE Cut to Size - Quality Blinds.

  • Ebay Buyer

    Lovely item. Modern Chrome 3 Ball Table Light Lamp With Faux Suede Shade.


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