Projector Screen

It may not be common, but roller blinds are perfect as projector screens. They have a flat and clean surface to project movies on. They also are easy to install and use because you will need to put it up once then you will just need to roll it up after using. A projector screen can also be quite costly specially if you buy a wide version. But with roller blinds, these are priced as low as £11 so you can definitely save some money on buying this instead of a regular projector screen.

Painting Canvass

Roller blinds are made up of fabric material. They have a clean and smooth surface making them an ideal canvass for a painting as room or wall décor. Moreover, these blinds come in such a wide variety of colours making them perfect for any type of painting – be it a portrait or even an abstract painting. For starters, the lighter coloured roller blinds – white, cream or cappuccino – are the best to make a painting. 

Room Dividers

Instead of the usual curtain dividers, a roller blind is also alternative for dividing a room or indoor space. They can be mounted to the ceiling so if rolled up, it is as if it is not there. This is highly recommended for office space like dental clinics with a couple Dentists.  The roller blind will provide a much-needed division so there won’t be any need for putting up separate rooms or walls.

Cabinet Covers

Cabinets without doors (open shelves) are practical set up for storing items you use on a daily basis but these storage spaces can accumulate dust easily. One solution most people don’t think about is that roller blinds can be installed as cover. These blinds can be installed within the cabinet or shelf which make it quite neat. You also would not need to roll them up or down as you can just take things through the roller blind because it is made of fabric.

Flag Art

If you are someone who loves your country, a flag will definitely be something you would want to display as décor. One unique way of putting up a flag is by buying a white roller blind and painting it to match your flag. You would have complete discretion on how big your flag will be as roller blinds come in many different sizes. Also, you can roll them up or down depending on the occasion.