In all practicality, we need to make conscious thought of the things we buy. From the simplest items such as toiletries to more specific ones like roller blinds we must first make sure we need these things otherwise we will just waste our money on things that doesn’t really give value to our lives. For this article, we will tackle the seven reasons why you should buy a roller blind in order to help you decide if you should be getting one or not. 

1. Too much direct sunlight

When your windows face to the East or West, chances are you get a lot of direct sunlight during sunrise and sunset. This is one good reason to block out all the unwanted light with roller blinds. You will have the option to use Blackout or Daylight (non-blackout) versions according to your needs. If you want complete control over the lighting within your home, then blackout blinds will be best for you. While for cheaper and lesser light blocking capability, you may opt for Daylight roller blinds.

2. You need more privacy

When there are a lot of people passing by your windows daily, you may want to consider roller blinds to keep onlookers from peeking into your indoor spaces. More importantly, you would want to be able to shut off any prying eyes when you are not around. This is because when people can see that you have nice things inside your home, you will have more chances of getting robbed.

3. Customization option

There are brands like Furnished that offer made to measure service for their roller blinds. This means you can request whatever size you need for your windows. You have the option to get your blind fitted within your recessed window or outside of your recess. Additionally, roller blinds tend to have more colour options depending on what you need. They can also be fitted with additional eyelets in different shapes & sizes, even with glitter trim, bow and diamante braiding.

4. Save energy on air-conditioning

Roller blinds are great light blockers. In addition, there are type of blinds (blackout roller blinds) that have thermal properties. This means that these blinds block out heat more effectively allowing you to maintain the indoor temperature better. Consequently, you will save a lot of money with your energy usage from your air conditioners.

5. Easier maintenance

Unlike venetian blinds and curtains, roller blinds are by far the easiest to maintain. Compared to the other window treatments, roller blinds don’t need to be washed regularly like curtains and they don’t accumulate dusts as much dust as venetian blinds do. Roller blinds need to be cleaned less frequently and you don’t even need to take them down to do so.

6. A lot more affordable

Curtains in general use up more fabric and are usually thicker than roller blinds. This is the main reason they are much more expensive. Additionally, higher end curtains are paired with layers of sheer fabric that come in a set which makes the whole thing more costly. But to be fair, curtains do provide a different look and feel as to what roller blinds bring to your home. Curtains bring in more classic feel while roller blinds tend to be more modern and simplistic.

7. Clean overall look

One of the distinct differences between roller blinds and curtains is how easy it is to make it look like it’s not there. Roller blinds when completely rolled up is barely noticeable. More so when you have window covers above your window. Unlike curtains which you need to tie to the sides, blinds make your view out the window completely unobstructed making a better viewing pleasure.