Light Filtering Properties

Blackout blinds blocks off 100% of the light. This makes this blind perfect for bedrooms to make a comfortable sleeping condition. It also provides the maximum amount of privacy because you cannot see through the blind even at night. Daylight roller blinds, on the other hand, filters 30% of the light. This is great for living spaces (living room and kitchen) to allow a good amount of natural light inside. It provides lesser privacy compared to the blackout blinds because it is in some degree see-through.

Thermal Properties

The amount of light the roller blinds block off determines its thermal properties. As for the blackout roller blinds, these block off any heat coming from outside which helps maintain the indoor temperature. For the daylight blinds however, the light comes inside the indoor space which lessens the thermal blocking capability of the roller blind.

Type of Fabric

Made with three layers of fabric (3-Pass), the blackout blinds are made of polycotton material. The three layers of fabric make this type of blind thicker than the Daylight counterpart. This multiple layer also allows this blind block out 100% off the light. Additionally, this is why most of the blackout blinds that are available in the market have the same colour on both sides – one layer of thermal fabric material is sandwiched between two layers of coloured polycotton fabric. For the daylight blinds, these are made of polyester material. This type only has one layer of fabric which allows it to be semi see-through. In contrast with the blackout blinds, these also may have different colour shade for the front and back of the blind.

Price of Roller Blind

Generally, blackout blinds are more expensive than daylight (non-blackout) roller blinds. This is because the blackout blinds have three layers (thicker) fabric while the daylight blinds have only one layer. Practically speaking, the thicker fabric makes the blackout blinds more durable in comparison.

In a nutshell, to determine which type of blind is better, you must first determine the placement of the blind in your house. If the blind will be installed in your bedroom, we recommend for you to buy a Blackout blind to allow you to control the amount of light that comes in when you want to sleep. However, if you need the blind for your kitchen or living room, we recommend Daylight blinds.

Additionally, you should also consider the temperature and amount of sunlight your home gets on a daily basis. If you get a lot of direct sunlight for long hours per day, you should definitely opt for Blackout blinds. To help you decide further, you must also consider your budget. If you would like a more affordable blind, you may opt to go with the Daylight blinds instead.

Finally, you should consider your personal preference. You are the one who will ultimately decide which type of blind you want to go for. All the above are just guidelines on helping you decide.

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