Dust, Dirt and Stains

Roller blinds get dust and dirt over time. This is one of the most common reason to maintain your roller blind. To do this, you will need to unroll the roller blind then use wet wipes or a wet cloth to wipe down all the dust and dirt that is accumulated on the roller blind. Always start from the top going down and let the blind dry off afterwards. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush tip, you may also use this for easier cleaning.

In addition, sometimes roller blinds get stained. Since they made of fabric, this material can be washed. So, you may opt to clean it with soap and water. It is ideal to wash only the area where the stain is so you don’t need to take down the blind and wash the whole thing. Using a regular fabric detergent, water and a sponge, it is easy to clean the blind. You just have to rinse the sponge and repeat to fully clean the stained area.


Creases are also common with roller blinds – be it caused by how the blind is mishandled on delivery or by natural occurrences of the blind fabric being folded for a while. Whatever the cause of the crease, these can be naturally healed by rolling the blind out and let gravity do its work. However, not all creases can be cured with letting the blind be unrolled. For these instances, you just have to remember that roller blinds are made of fabric. They can be ironed or steamed to remove those creases. You may opt to take down the blind and let it rest on a flat surface to iron or steam properly.


Made to measure or customized roller blinds may be more prone to this issue – fraying after so many rolling and unrolling or excessive use. Before the fraying gets even worse, you must seal the frays right away upon your first discovery of it. Using sharp scissors to cut out and remove the thread that have started fraying, you must also seal the frays with a glue solution called “fray stop”. If this is too much hassle to do, you may opt to burn the frays with a lighter or match to seal the frays. You must be very careful with this as you may damage the blind if you burn too much fabric. The key is to burn only the fine tips of the fraying thread to remove them.

Detached fabric

On infrequent cases, the fabric on the blind gets detached from its roller. Someone may have yanked off the blind accidentally or a heavy object was placed on the fabric of the blind. If this happens you just need one thing – a fabric tape. This can be found at any of your local shops selling DIY home items. To reattach the fabric, you must lay out the roller on a flat surface and tape the fabric slowly on to the metal roller to make sure it is reattached straight and evenly. This is to make sure that when installed back, the roller blind rolls the same way and is levelled so the fabric will not get stuck with the blind fittings or the brackets.