You always have the option to cut your roller blinds on your own. This article will guide you on how DIY made to measure works. This consists only 6 simple steps, a couple of tools and will take 10-15min to do.

Before anything else, you must prepare the following tools to get your roller blind made to measure – scissors, pencil, measuring tape, and a hack saw.

1. First, lay out the roller blind on a flat surface then remove the weight bar at the bottom of the blind. Then find the biggest straight edge you have to use as ruler. You may use the box of the roller blind for this.

2. Calculate the fabric size that you’ll need for your window. Bear in mind that the brackets of the blind will take up 3.5cm or 1.75cm on either side. If you are installing the blinds inside a recess, just deduct the 3.5cm from the total recess width. For example: Your window recess is 115cm so you deduct 3.5cm from this size so you get 111.5cm.

While if you are installing the blind outside of the window recess, you can just measure the total width of the window you need to cover. You can make an allowance of 5-10 cm on each side as overlap to completely cover the window. For example: Your window is 125cm, just add 5cm overlap on each side to get 135cm.

3. Measure the fabric size you need on your roller blind. Mark the top and bottom of the roller blind with a pencil then make an outline of where you will be cutting using the box of the blind.

4. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the fabric starting from the bottom of the blind. Be careful to follow your line so you will get a clean cut. Once you have cut the blind completely towards the roller tube, cut off the excess fabric from the roller. 

5. Roll back the fabric of the blind to the roller tube. Mark the excess tube with the pencil where you want to cut. You will need to cut the metal tube 0.4cm (4mm) passed the fabric of the blind to allow the blind to roll without being caught on the brackets or fittings. Then start cutting the tube with your hacksaw.

6. Finally, cut the weight bar to the same width as your blind fabric using your hack saw then put it back on the roller blind.

Additional note: You are advised to leave the length of your roller blind as is. As long as your blind is long enough to cover your window, you don’t need to cut the length because you can just roll the blind to your specific length.